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Why I haven't posted anything for so long.

2017-07-24 20:41:29 by GDKrilz

The reason its been so long since ive posted anything is that I'm submitting some of my songs to record labels, and hence cannot put them here. I have something that I'll put here if it doesn't get accepted though. If you have any suggestions for a picture to use for a disc art thing, please tell me on my discord account. If you want my discord account, pm me. Thanks.


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2017-07-25 03:19:33

Presumably unless you have an All Rights Reserved rather than Creative Commons licence, which NG has options for, unless they preclude you from putting it up ANYWHERE altogether.


2017-07-31 11:44:56

You are submitting songs to record labels? Where can I find them?

GDKrilz responds:

They're not getting accepted :p